Fuel injection throttle bodies

Please Note: Throttle bodies are now only available in black (not red as shown)
Designed to replace side or down draught carburettors on existing manifolds. The side draught style is compatible with DCEO or DHLA mounting dimensions. The down draught bodies are matched to the IDF manifold pattern and are shorter, face to face, than the DCOE style.

Each procision body provides mounting for individual dual O- ring style multi point injectors.

A cast fuel rail is included for each throttle body.

The throttle shaft runs in PTFE bearings and has external air seals.

Idle Bleed screws to facilitate accurate balancing and setting of the idle air flow under closed throttle conditions.

Spacing between bodies (bore centres), Min 92mm, Max 114mm. Throttle body lengths. TBP/TBS - 118mm, TDP/THP - 96mm

Note: Shorter mounting studs are required when replacing carburettors because anti-vibration fixings are no longer needed. These are available as sets from Lumenition.