Utilising Lumenition’s revolutionary infra-red beam and rotating chopper trigger, the Optronic system is quite simply the best electronic ignition there is. Immune to dirt, cam wear, and dust, there are no parts to wear out and no maintenance is required.

How it works:

An optical switch is fitted to the same plate from where the points were removed and a plastic segmented chopper is slipped over the distributor cam. As the cam turns, the chopper blade (one for each cylinder) interrupts the infra-red beam from being detected by the silicon phototransistor in the optical switch.These trigger pulses are sent on to the Power Module that charges the coil for a dead accurate and powerful spark.

Instant benefits include:
Easier starting. Faster, smoother acceleration.
Reduced exhaust emissions
Better fuel economy.

There are two ranges to choose from:

The Standard Optronic system, ideal for all road and classic cars as well as boats. This comes with a trigger, chopper, power module and fitting kit and brings all the benefits of a Lumenition Optronic System.


- Contactless operation.
- High power output transistor for fast and accurate switching of the coil.
- Fixed dwell give higher performance from existing coil under all conditions.

- Fully compatible with Lumenition Rev Limiters for complete engine protection.

The Performance Optronic system is suited to high speed engines and is ideal for all performance drivers, particularly race and rally applications. This system includes all the benefits of the Optronic System and comes with Lumenition’s own Constant Energy coil electronically matched to the power module, to give an added kick.


- Contactless operation.
- High energy ignition coil electronically matched to power module.
- Microcircuit control of the coil current giving optimum performance across speed and voltage range, ensuring constant maximum spark energy at the coil.
- Variable dwell angle, optimising energy use to prevent low speed coil over heat..
- Automatic switch off, preventing electrical damage in the event of ignition being on.
- Fully compatible with Lumenition Rev Limiters for complete engine protection.

There are no permanent modifications and installation is simple for anyone with general automotive skills, and usually takes less than an hour. Alternatively the unit may be fitted by one of our experienced dealers. There is a fitting kit for a whole range of cars.

To find out which kit is suitable for your vehicle, please look at our fitting kit application list.

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