Meters and sensors. Get the inside scoop on your engine

Lumenition's air/fuel ratio meters provide a clear, real time display by connecting either to an existing or dedicated Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor. Improved accuracy is achieved by using high impedance precision circuitry to reject noise and avoid distortion of the vehicles EGO sensor output.
(Optional EGO 1v sensor available separately.)

17 x 48 x 72mm

Dash mountable for driver display

The smallest of the range is the AFR003. Measuring just 17x35x55mm, it is easily mounted inside a vehicle giving the driver a constant indication of the engine’s Air/Fuel mixture. Compatible with standard sensor.

- Very compact
- Multi coloured 10 LED display
- Highly reliable and easily fitted
- Compatible with standard 1v sensor

The ideal tuning tool for profesional engine tuners

The AFR004 measures 25x48x72mmm and is ideal for professional engine tuners. It has a 19 LED display for finer measurement.


- Compatible with standard 1v sensor.
- Clear warning of under fueling
- Highly accurate multi coloured 19 LED display

25 x 48 x 72mm
Complementing the AFR010 are the EDM010 Knock Meter and the EGT010 Exhaust Gas Temperature Meter.


Engine Knock Monitor

Utilising either the engine manufacturer's sensor or dedicated sensor fitted in an appropriate location, the Lumenition detonation monitor gives a clear visual indication when engine damage is about to occur with an audible warning from a remotely mounted alarm. Pre-tuned versions available for a range of high performance Japanese vehicles.

- Compact size
- 10 segment tri-coloured display
- Audible warning alarm


Exhaust Gas Temperature Meter

The monitoring of exhaust gas temperatures gives vital feedback in determining optimum engine performance. Accurate readings and fast response times are achieved by inserting a high specification stainless steel thermocouple probe directly into the gas flow. The temperature range of the standard probe (80°C - 1020°C) is suitable for most applications. Alternative probes for specific demands are also available.

- 80°C - 1020°C probe range
- Peak value memory
- Audible warning alarm


23 x 83 x 88mm

23 x 83 x 88mm